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Volume & Salt Calculator
Instant water / temperature calculation on-line!

Beginner's Guide to Buying and Keeping Asian Arowana (Dragon Fish) as a Hobby (by Nicolas Chia)
Getting your first Arowana
The basic requirements when getting a new arowana
Moving 10 Large fish including a 12" Silver Arowana
Read as member Astrotrain beats the odds to perform a major tank shift that took well over 2 days!
Fin/Tail Cutting Procedure (Pictures)
Pictorial procedure for performing a minor operation
The Fascination over Asian Arowanas
Find out why so many are bowled over by Arowanas
Gill Color development
Comparison between a juvenile Red & Red-Tail Golden
Arowana Photography by CDM
A must-read if you are intending to take photos of your arowana
Basic Arowana Photography
Find out the basics pitfalls of fish photo taking

Feeding Arowanas
Freezing Insects (by Koji)

Trade Shows / Events
Qian Hu Arowana Competition 2004
The largest Arowana competition in the world! Period.
Mr Robin He's Singapore Visit (PT Istana Arwana Indah)
Meet up with Mr Robin He at Fisherman Aquarium during his visit.
Aquarama 2003
The biggest Aquaria show gets even better in 2003!
Aquarama 2001
One of the biggest bi-annual Aquaria tradeshow ever

Farm Visits
Thai member - Nanconnection's visit
Latest: Mr Wirat Manadanmrongtham's visit to Arowana farms in Singapore
Qian Hu Arowana Harvest
Harvest of Crossback Arowanas at Qian Hu Corporation Ltd.
Indonesia Farms Visit Part 2: PT Munjul Prima Utama
This is a 6 part series and a combined effort by the members of Arowanas.com, ArowanaClub.com and Arofanatics.com
DFI Sapphire Gold Harvest
Dragon Fish Industry Sapphire Gold harvest & various other interesting sights including AA grade crossbacks and other unique varieties
DFI Crossback Harvest
Dragon Fish Industry Crossback Arowana harvest
Danny's Trip to Singapore
Moderator Danny's visit to Singapore from the US (many places visited!)
Lake Ocean Farm Visit (by Victor Ng)
Victor's visit to Malaysia's Lake Ocean Farm with rare pics of huge aros
Dragon Fish Industry (DFI) Farm Visit/ Harvesting
Our first visit ever to famed DFI & actual witness of arowana harvest!
Arowana Farm Visit
Farm visit to one of the oldest and famed Arowana farms in Singapore

D-I-Y (Do It Yourself) Projects
DIY Filtration Box (by Tan Teck Chye)
Inovative yet economical way to build your own filter!
Simple Salt Measuring Funnel (50g - 250g)
Simple DIY paper funnel to measure aquarium salt

Aquatic Reviews
Eco pH Tester Pen
Quick and simple pH measurement pen