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ahpek_lion 13-08-2011 04:04 AM

To Pykoh
If u have no power over it just say! don't need to act sarcastic =.= If u were to enter your account n u found out that all ur privileges were disabled for no reason and had no way to get help, hw would u feel?

Pls look frm other pples perspective before taking action! If u cant help den forget it...take it as i sway

pykoh 13-08-2011 02:22 PM

You started first thread on 11 Aug asking for help with your account. I move it to Chatterbox cos like I say that is the more appropriate sub-forum. The thread got locked there (not by me) and because your problem cannot be solved in the time frame you wanted, you started another thread on 12 Aug with a title saying AF people not helpful with your account problem. I give you infraction because of your second thread (Flaming thread as well as whining about being zap). Remember the Admin and Mod here are running the forum on our own leisure time, things may not get resolve so quickly.

From a personal view, I do not like the tone (sounding like the Admin and Mod owe you and must act immediately upon your request) when you ask for help and zap you.

I think I have done more than enough in explaining. If you still can't see my point, there is nothing more I can do about it. This thread will be locked and if you start another similar thread again, further infraction will be given.

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