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Qian Hu 16-12-2014 10:10 AM


Originally Posted by Qian Hu (Post 9754780)
Hi bro,

We am sorry to inform that currently we have run out of stocks for your require model but order had been indent to Arcadia for quite some time back in June 2014 and we are waiting for the shipment. We will post on this thread once we have received a confirmation shipment date and sorry for the inconveniences caused.

Hi Bro Calsberg,

The tanning light tube for 36w had arrived. Apologised for the delay shipment.

Qian Hu 16-12-2014 10:14 AM


Originally Posted by disturbed (Post 9765934)

was wondering if there is this in stock?


Looking for 4 pcs.

Hi bro,

Sincerely apologized for the very late reply to your enquiry. I am sorry to inform that we did not carry this particular product into Singapore market due to low demand, thanks for your understanding.

SGFunGuy 28-12-2014 12:14 PM


I have crossback and reds in my comm tank. When i use only golden tanning lights from arcadia, will it affect my reds development?


Originally Posted by Arcadia (Post 9571733)

I'm Paul. Thank you for your question.
We offer a range of controllers including the ACU58 which is for 60" T8 lamps. However you will need to check if the tanning lamp you are using is compatible with this type of switch start controller. We obviously cannot accept any liability if your lamp and this controller are incompatible
The Arcadia ULTRA SEAL controllers are the latest generation of our popular fluorescent lighting controllers.
They incorporate a number of improvements and are designed to comply with the latest European aquarium lighting standards.
They have patented ULTRA SEAL® waterproof (IP67) lamp-holders and are supplied with universal mounting brackets for installation on aquarium hood or walls.
They are compatible with Arcadia reflector range and have a 5 Year Guarantee

T8 Single Lamp Controller

Code Watt Length Diameter Lead Length
ACU08 6/8W 12″/300mm T5-16mm 2.0m/2.4m
ACU15 14W/15 12″/300mm
18″/450mm T8-26mm 2.4m/2.48m
ACU18 18W/20 24″/600mm T8-26mm 2.4m/3.6m
ACU30 25W/30W 30″/750mm
36″/900mm T8-26mm 2.4m/3.6m
ACU36 38W 42″/1050mm
36/40W 48″/1200mm T8-26mm 2.4m/3.6m
ACU58 58W 60″/1500mm T8-26mm 2.4m/3.6m

ycchoo 28-03-2015 02:03 AM

uvb 12%
Hi, may i know the 12% uvb emitted by Reptile D3 lamp is much more suitable for intensifying the red colour of red aros?

tommyn 28-03-2015 05:46 AM

How does uva uvb travel through the glass to have any benefit to the aro? In reptilian keeping, only mesh or grilles are used to allow full spectrum onto the reptiles. Similarly for aro, the light source has to be direct. But the question is does the aro require uva uvb for growth n development? Are fishes running on the same biological platform as reptiles? Don't understand, any kind soul to enlighten me pls?

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