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SoToNgMaN 10-06-2009 11:13 AM

Singapore's First Documented Breeding: Pseudacanthicus Spinosus
First in Singapore, perhaps even Asia Pacific ... by chilicrabz

Discussion Source:

After two years of keeping solely spinosus (L160/L96), my spinosus managed to spawn. I would say it was just by chance and it would be a wonderful gift I ever received.

It all happens when I send my fishes to Aquarama for a week, and the cave that was occupied by one of them became vacant. This gave a chance for my Alpha Male to grab his opportunity to trap one of the females inside. The trapping was not consistent as how hypancistrus trap their mate for a few days. At most they were both inside the cave for 1-2 days before the female would escape. This Alpha Male had been sexually active with his ex-girlfriend but no success. Possibly due to the large number of occupants in the same 5ft tank.

The DAD:

The Mum: Now

The Mum: Before with previous owner

His Ex-girlfriend: so called L375

Alpha previous adventure with his ex-girlfriend:

SoToNgMaN 10-06-2009 11:14 AM

The cave that they managed to spawn: thanks to akoh
* Note that the white stuffs are his sperm, they are not white shit.

31st May 2009:

Today is the day when I brought my 2 fishes back from Aquarama. Once I introduce them back to the tank, they seems so lost and others seems to have forgotten who they are.
The Alpha Dad who is trapping in the cave, came out to welcome them with a fight. They seems to be fighting for their territory again. Itís not just a one on one, but a gang fight of 4 adults males.
Fearing that my Alpha will get hurt and that might affect his trapping activities, I transferred him with his current mate and his ex-girlfriend into a 3ft IOS tank, using back the same cave that he occupies in my 5ft, making it a trio, 1M2F.
As I felt that the temperature is slightly higher in my 3ft tank, I placed a bag of ice cubes inside my tank to bring the temperature down.

1st June 2009:

In the morning, I have no time to check them out before I rushed for work. I assume that they will be fine and continue their daily activities. However at night, I received a call to rush home. I found a huge bunch of eggs in my tank, just right outside the cave.

Indeed, they have spawned. But why they are not in the cave??
Questions like:
Why didnít the DAD take care of the eggs?
Why did the DAD suffered bite marks on its back?
Will the eggs get fertilized since they were not in the cave?
Such questions keep me scratching my head. I immediately transferred them into a floating hatchery, with just an air stone to keep them well-ventilated.

SoToNgMaN 10-06-2009 11:16 AM

2nd June 2009: Day 01
Some casualties found in the hatchery. Bad ones are turning from clear-transparent to mustard-colour. I had to use a pipette to remove those bad ones.
*Note that the numbers of the eggs are getting lesser and lesser.

4th June 2009: Day 03
Due to some issues, the air stone fail to provide enough aeration to the hatchery. I estimated that more than half of eggs turn opaque. I decided to salvage the good ones into a small container instead of clearing away those bad ones. Those with their yolk burst, makes the hatchery so disgusting in sight.

This is what is left, after I transferred those possible healthy ones. 34 eggs left. They have had their veins or tails formed inside the egg shells.

SoToNgMaN 10-06-2009 11:17 AM

5th June 2009: Day 04
More casualties, 28 were left in the morning at 0900hrs. Most of them have hatched from their shells. However, at 2300hrs, 7 left the group. Now, I left with 21 of them. Head and tails are formed.

Examples of the fries that turned bad.
* I had to use a pipette to remove them. This is how it looks like, with the yolk and the spine forming (in red).

SoToNgMaN 10-06-2009 11:18 AM

6th June 2009: Day 05
More casualties again, left with 17 wrigglers now. However, 3 of them are developing slower than the rest. Iím hoping to have a balance of 14 left.
* Note that the mouth has formed and they attached themselves against strong current.

SoToNgMaN 10-06-2009 11:18 AM

8th June 2009: Day 07
No casualty so far, still remains at 17 wrigglers. Not only their eyes and mouth are developed, I can notice their pectoral, dorsal and ventral fins are forming up.

Some of their head are turning grayish and they were sticking onto the walls furiously.
Will update accordingly as they grow. To be Continued.....

SoToNgMaN 10-06-2009 11:20 AM


Originally Posted by chilicrabz
A special thanks to fellow hobbyists that makes this attempt possible.

Thanks to akoh, gecko, T1000, celticfish and johannes for your fishes, caves and valuable advices. Not forgetting others whom have also contributed their thoughts and theories. Lastly, to the great photographer, SotoNgMan, that went the extra mile to take some nice detailed pictures which will be posted soon.

Seeing this kind of post ... really stressed me to produce pics within the same nite ...

Pics taken couple of hours ago ..

SoToNgMaN 10-06-2009 11:20 AM

SoToNgMaN 10-06-2009 11:21 AM

Please try to keep this thread clean and refrain from putting single sentence "congrats"

Edmundo 10-06-2009 11:41 AM

SO when is the next updates? :D

Mama Left and Papa Right? If so the female seem a horny fellow wanting more......... :D

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