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kepala sakit 06-05-2015 07:00 PM


Originally Posted by ThomasLim (Post 9852868)
Thanks for all the compliments 😊

Yes, couple released. But still see them swimming together 😅

Just measure the nitrate, still red red!!!

When the pandang plant stabilize can cut leaves to simulate growth, sprouting shoots will draw nutrient aka fertilizer (nitrate)

mhlee 07-05-2015 12:49 AM

wow didnt know condo could make such a set up.
Impress & Envy.
might if you pm me the cost of this set up?

longyi 13-05-2015 03:34 PM

Nice fgt setup from beginning till now and really see you did alot of progress work to make it look better and nicer.
Thanks for sharing.:)

arwen 14-05-2015 09:23 PM

Nice process with lotsa surprises, like the plant portion especially: )

sen_jie 19-05-2015 12:40 PM

i love it that the FGT surface is still so clean after so many months. Just wondering how do you keep algae in check?

Squid 19-05-2015 02:33 PM

wow wow wow bro, your pond super nice, its really really clear.
also wanting to add pandan to my pond.

LauLanChu 19-05-2015 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by sen_jie (Post 9857864)
Just wondering how do you keep algae in check?

Yah, also keen to know. Under open hot sun high nitrate but no algae. Probably has some strong algae cleaner.

derricktxm 20-05-2015 01:26 AM

just wondering bro, rather than that plant, why not put a tree? shades + cover from cigarette butts from the top.

RELAX 20-05-2015 11:27 AM


Originally Posted by ThomasLim (Post 9845063)
Always having high nitrate problem, so finally decided to add in some plants to see if they could of help.... Yesterday I bought some pandan leaves from a very nice bro, and just threw all of them into my filter compartments. Hopefully it will really help in reducing the nitrate and not bringing me new problem, eg: insects problem... As I am writing this, I saw a black bee flying around the leaves.... ��

Appreciate any comments or advises regarding this pandan leaves setup. Cheers!

wait for awhile longer,the pandan plants some will die,or some parts of the stem will rot,infact adding to your nitrate unable to come down.
but rest assured,when those pandan stabilized and new shoot plus new roots start to grow,your pond water will be in good condition.
whenever I harvest or disturb my pandan,also took awhile for the water to get back to optimum condition:)

really nice and cosy area to unwind:)

ThomasLim 20-05-2015 09:08 PM

Thanks all the bros for the nice comments and also appreciate the 'creative' idea of planting a tree even though I dont see how this is possible in a fgt😅

For the past 3 weeks, I had lost 3 aro altogether. 2 juv died mysteriously above the netting (with no hole in the surrounding netting) while 1 mid size red that I bought recently, died with a small hole being found nearby. I had no choice but to give up using this netting that I thought is strong... Some aro just prone to jump, especially the juv or the newly introduced one... I had painfully learnt from my mistakes. In the end, I bought and adopted the acrylic board covering yesterday (initially thinking of polycarbonate but the price is too damn ex ). So I just decided to get acrylic and have a trial first. See the below pic.

Things look ok initially, except that it warps a little in the middle as each piece is very heavy. I guess it still looks ok, right? Then this morning, it becomes like this...

This is something that I didnt foresee- condensation! Very serious condensation that I couldnt see the fishes from the top anymore. Though now I am pretty sure that the aro has no way to jump out and 'commit suicide', I cannot enjoy the top view as I did in the past. I guess this issue has to be resolved again. I will appreciate ideas of covering the pond that works (to prevent the aro from jumping out) and at the same time, preserve the beauty of the pond as a whole. Wondering if there is any advises from the bros here? Please help if you have one. Thanks in advance.

Regarding the algae issue, I remember that I had once turned OFF my UV light completely. This resulted in a full speedy growth of algae in my pond. I have uploaded some pics in this thread previously showing how much the algae had grown. Later, I put in giant Fei Fengs and turn ON the UV light 24/7. The algae problem is gone. Nowadays, there might still have some algae that the FFs are unable to clean, I will just use a dish sponge to manually remove. So I believe UV light is a must for outdoor fgt. A FF will be good if u can get one that is hardworking. Please dont get a pair like mine, they really fight all day among themselves. Headache.

As for the nitrate issue. Thanks bro Relax for the pandan plants and your advises. I really hope it will help to reduce the nitrate level. Seeing the super red nitrate indication makes me very sianz... Hopefully I can find other ways to tackle this nitrate problem. When this is possible, my wife will be so happy to see our water bill 😊

Lastly, I am happy that at least I can view through the water and see clearly the fishes at the far back. There is a period that I cant enjoy this water clarity. Here are the 2 pics... Please dont ask me why the photos lighting look different. I dont know why... I use the same iphone6 for both pics and no flash or other objects being used during the process😁

Sorry for the long writeup... Happy fish keeping. Cheers

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