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elimmel 14-07-2015 04:57 PM

Amazing setup and equally amazing how you got estate approval to built this. Not to mention the CO of the house :D

Mirage Aquatic 21-07-2015 12:15 PM

Amazing setup and the support from your CO is admirable!

Bravo86 22-07-2015 04:45 PM

Very impressive..............!

dm484705 23-07-2015 08:58 PM

How is the Marine Pure? Any good?

ThomasLim 24-07-2015 07:06 PM

Thks bro for the compliment.

As for the Marine Pure, it does help in making the water as clear as before. But the nitrate is still red. I am not sure if the red is less red than previous or not. Maybe this weekend gets some helps in determining the nitrate reading. I think we should give some times for the required bb to build... So far, MP looks promising I should say... Will update on this again...

Yesterday itchy as nothing to do, so decided to go into the fgt to thoroughly clean the base flooring. I like to go into the pond as the aro will swim around me, rubbing me occasionally 😊 the only one that I am worry is my gar, growing more that 2ft in length now... A bit scary whenever it comes near me, especially when my hand are in the water 😓

Here are 2 video. One is I go into the fgt to take some close shot, while the other is taken by my son while I am fixing the net. Cheers.

Shadow7 24-07-2015 07:20 PM

Wow so envy but bro be careful of ur stingray even with those boots on the sting can easily pierce into ur feet ! I have seen a big muscular Thai guy reduce to a sobbing gal when the sting pierce into his boots :eek:

ThomasLim 26-07-2015 12:41 AM

Thanks bro Shadow7... I am also worry to step on this ray whenever I go into the pond. She is a miracle survivor to me... She was not eating much when I got her as a pup... Then one day I do something stupid adding some sludge remover powder as recommended. I hope it will help in clearing the sludge in my sump tank if there is any. Overnight, all my 3 rays were breathing hard and totally not moving. In the end my bigger male ray and another of the female ray died. This small ray surprisingly pull through and recovering day by day. She means a lot to me, a sole survivor from the disaster, the spirit of never give up!
I will be careful about the sting, saw many bros remarks about the pain, pain until only hair no pain... Lol... I very scared too :)
Ok... If zi am free tomorrow, I will be testing and will try to determine the nitrate reading again. Hopefully will have some update for u... Hopefully MP really could help in reducing the nitrate as it claimed.
O... Thanks bros that have Up me. Appreciated :)

DragonFireSG 26-07-2015 01:16 PM

Only real solution to nitrates is water change, or lots of plants. Bacterial nitrate eaters are usually found only in anaerobic bog filters which are not popular as they take up a huge area relative to pond volume, and can release toxins like hydrogen sulphide when disturbed.

Your bio load is very high so water change probably will not help so much in diluting out the nitrate as your bio filter is constantly making more - unless you do some kind of constant flow-through which isn't very practical in Singapore.

Maybe try boosting the plant content with some large leafy plants? Money plant (pothos), taro and monstera deliciosa all eat lots of nitrate and do well with roots immersed.

btw is there a local supplier of the cermedia MP2C you are using? Need to look at getting a bunch in for a new bakki shower.

DragonFireSG 26-07-2015 01:54 PM

Heh no edit function on this forum :(

Wanted to add that I think pandan doesn't thrive well in full sun. Think might be why your plants were looking a bit yellow in some pictures.

You could add a dedicated planting trough at the back of your pond. Pump filtered water into it via the bottom, and have the water overflow back into your pond. Use the trough to grow more plants, and maybe even stock some extra bio media

ThomasLim 27-07-2015 03:26 PM

Thks bro DragonFireSG... Are the proposed plants by you, can be submerged in water without gravels or soil? Wonder if they can be easily found in the nursery?

At this period of the year, my pond is not under any direct sunlightt. So I thought the pandan didnt grow well might be caused by insufficient sunlight, isn't it? Haiz... Direct sun to the pond, we complain. No sun, we also complain... Dont really know what I want myself... Lol...

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