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ThomasLim 07-12-2014 08:57 AM


Thanks for all the compliments and advises. The management don't allow external shelter which are permanent, to be built without some Authorities approval. However we are negotiating with the management and hopefully something could be agreed upon, but i guess it will take quite some time. A few months 😓

For Gazebo, yes, I thought of that too. However for some reason, the management didn't allow that too. In the end, I bought a parasol for my outdoor dining set. This is approved by the management without any problem as it is the only shelter that is not permanent structures, and approved. Even though Gazebo is not allowed, I did see some of the residents using it here. If there is any solid 'rain' coming down to the pond area, and the application to build permanent shelter is not yet approved, probably I will get another parasol for the pond. But I really hope this will not happen as the parasol base is really very big and space consuming. Or maybe I should just follow suit and get a Gazebol too? 😅

For the pond base, I should have thought of using the tiles instead of acrylic board. It will be so much easier and neater. Will bear that in mind bro, and give it a try if I were to change the base colour again 😊

Just back from vacation yesterday night and discover a few smaller size fish are dead. I believe they are attacked by the newly acquired gar. Though it also small size but fierce 😅 Luckily it didn't foul the water. I will be testing the parameters later and probably change 30% of the water? Any advise?


itchy 07-12-2014 09:31 AM

Very nice setup , the white base looks better to me too . Your red is beautiful, so fat and spoon head. Is your tank water cycled before you put in those fishes?

danielkoh23 09-12-2014 03:06 PM

impressive set up!

FallenG 10-12-2014 12:02 PM

Bro, impressive setup i must say.. Add a few more big IT, it'd be even more impressive! :D

Alvin27 12-12-2014 02:59 AM

Impressive pond setup. If add a few nice jumbo koi , would be a breath taking sight

7576 12-12-2014 03:28 PM

must be an expensive set up , i am impress with your pond set up...

2~Terry 13-12-2014 09:12 PM

Nice!! congrats in having your new pond set up successfully.

The pond is really a wonderful sight to go home to, everyday. Like some bro pointed out, there are some concerns that you would wish to find solution to.

I would expect soon, you will start to invest in more exquisite and rare fishes, which are also expensive. So it does make sense to really convince the condo mgmt to allow you to install a fixture shelter, etc. If done nicely, it will not look weird and in fact beautify the pond and perhaps the estate. ☺ As seen in your earlier post, the drainage chockage is a real concern and rain/contaminated water dripping into your pond is really a big NO.
A glass shelter, perhaps would solve these problem, diverting these external element away fr your pond. Would look nice and definetely worth the money.

Understand you may have difficulties in addressing alot of concerns raised here.. nonetheless i hope this pond has a sucess in long run!!

Happy Fish keeping!

tankw 14-12-2014 10:02 AM

sob sob sob,

if i got a pond like this, i will just throw all my aros inside. don't care what alage or water temperature

ThomasLim 16-12-2014 05:35 PM

Thks for the comments.

After topping up the water initially, I add in Wizz fast cycle and the water conditioner, and immediately I put in 2 fishes to test (I was told to do that 😊) The 2 commandos survived for few days. So I slowly transfer my fishes and together with the medias from my old tank. So far, no problem with the parameters except the nitrate. This nitrate is always a headache for me but I am fine with it, knowing that I did WC regularly is good enough. Nitrate high also bo bian 😁

Currently my pond looks 'spacious' as most of my fishes are still small. There are not many fishes as well 😊 I dont think with the budget limitation, I could add in rare and exquisite fishes 😅 The most recent budget being approved by CO is to allow me to get a pair of BD pups from a very nice bro, still waiting eagerly for his pups... This BD budget is approved after many rounds of appeals 😁 and it will be another dream comes true for me. I hope I could get a nice pair from him to groom. Wish me luck 😊

Currently I am quite happy that the algae is not giving me much problem. Just very minor here and there, after more than a month. I hope it will maintain in this way. As for the drainage, no problem leh, I can easily access to the drainage cover as it is at my dry chamber 👍

Here is a video to share. Wonder what are my 2 male SP doing? Starting to get itchy or what 😥 😜


wmh 17-12-2014 12:53 PM

Nice pond....but not able to view the video...btw, u plan to put the BD pups inside this pond?

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