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Heuer 22-05-2015 01:16 PM


Originally Posted by fireblade (Post 9859236)
I thought use pail to cover head.. :P

That is when Thomas steps out of his home when he view his fish. :D

mediacraze 22-05-2015 02:45 PM


Originally Posted by ThomasLim (Post 9858519)
Thanks all the bros for the nice comments and also appreciate the 'creative' idea of planting a tree even though I dont see how this is possible in a fgt��

For the past 3 weeks, I had lost 3 aro altogether. 2 juv died mysteriously above the netting (with no hole in the surrounding netting) while 1 mid size red that I bought recently, died with a small hole being found nearby. I had no choice but to give up using this netting that I thought is strong... Some aro just prone to jump, especially the juv or the newly introduced one... I had painfully learnt from my mistakes. In the end, I bought and adopted the acrylic board covering yesterday (initially thinking of polycarbonate but the price is too damn ex ). So I just decided to get acrylic and have a trial first. See the below pic.

Things look ok initially, except that it warps a little in the middle as each piece is very heavy. I guess it still looks ok, right? Then this morning, it becomes like this...

This is something that I didnt foresee- condensation! Very serious condensation that I couldnt see the fishes from the top anymore. Though now I am pretty sure that the aro has no way to jump out and 'commit suicide', I cannot enjoy the top view as I did in the past. I guess this issue has to be resolved again. I will appreciate ideas of covering the pond that works (to prevent the aro from jumping out) and at the same time, preserve the beauty of the pond as a whole. Wondering if there is any advises from the bros here? Please help if you have one. Thanks in advance.

Regarding the algae issue, I remember that I had once turned OFF my UV light completely. This resulted in a full speedy growth of algae in my pond. I have uploaded some pics in this thread previously showing how much the algae had grown. Later, I put in giant Fei Fengs and turn ON the UV light 24/7. The algae problem is gone. Nowadays, there might still have some algae that the FFs are unable to clean, I will just use a dish sponge to manually remove. So I believe UV light is a must for outdoor fgt. A FF will be good if u can get one that is hardworking. Please dont get a pair like mine, they really fight all day among themselves. Headache.

As for the nitrate issue. Thanks bro Relax for the pandan plants and your advises. I really hope it will help to reduce the nitrate level. Seeing the super red nitrate indication makes me very sianz... Hopefully I can find other ways to tackle this nitrate problem. When this is possible, my wife will be so happy to see our water bill ��

Lastly, I am happy that at least I can view through the water and see clearly the fishes at the far back. There is a period that I cant enjoy this water clarity. Here are the 2 pics... Please dont ask me why the photos lighting look different. I dont know why... I use the same iphone6 for both pics and no flash or other objects being used during the process��

Sorry for the long writeup... Happy fish keeping. Cheers

Very nice set up outdoor FGT pond.
Seriously..... the money you spend on the acrylic board, top up abit can make a high fence primeter to surrond the pond. Solve the problem once and for all.

scooter 23-05-2015 09:42 PM

Indeed, there are lots of challenges fot outdoor pond. Better get advice from the expert causeypu already experienced a lot of ups and downs.

Stay in there and don't give up. Its really a very beautiful outdoor setup which I can only dream of.

ThomasLim 24-05-2015 07:42 PM

Thanks for all the concerns, advises and most importantly, the heartfelt encouragement... It touches me😊 The 'helmet' proposal has made my day too 😆 thanks bro Heuer for the pic of the cover...

Having an outdoor fgt is challenging as there are more 'problems' to handle than an indoor tank. This is my first outdoor fgt and thus I would like to share my good and bad experiences so that bros who have come across similar situations, will know what are the do and donts. I hope in a way it helps...

Actually I was advised by some builders to fence the pond. This is one of the easier way but there will be ugly supports required to make the fence firm and safe at the front glass area. I did not take this approach as I myself do not really like this fence idea. It makes me feel 'separated' from my fish and it is not as presentable as a whole. (but I will still like to thank bro Fireblade for suggesting and taking the effort to post a pic for me to understand better 😊)

There are also other suggestions but it either has ugly supports to hold the structure or adds heavy weights directly onto the fgt. I feel uncomfortable both ways...

This is why I choose the netting cover method as I feel 'closer' when I can view the fish directly above the water. I had just bought a very much thicker netting this time and I am quite sure that it will not break easily. Have a comparison here.

I will also try to do something at the sides of the fgt so that the fish will not have chance to jump and 'slip' through the sides anymore. I hope this will solve my problem😊

Solving the problems when they arise, and making the fgt a better and nicer home for my fish is part and parcel to me. It makes my fish keeping hobby interesting with lots of excitement when it turns out nice and of course, there will be disappointment at times when it fails. However, as long as the enjoyment outweighs the sadness, I am happy with it. I hope u have enjoyed as much as I do. Happy fish keeping. Cheers

Below is a pic of the new green netting.

LauLanChu 24-05-2015 11:00 PM

Agree, that is the fun of it, 'building your own pond'. We can do away with a pond specialist, but that kills the hobby.

I also have the same problem as you, fish jumping. I still got no idea how to prevent fish from jumping, except to cover it up. When you have jumpy plus ferocious fish sure they will jump when harrassed or chased.

Your netting is good, except you have to keep watch when you have smaller jumpy fish. They will get trap in between netting. One way to avoid is not to keep those. Also I could have missed something, your pond looks to me like closed up near with wall or partition. The concern of fish jumping should be minimum as they would eventually drop back to the pond?

kepala sakit 24-05-2015 11:45 PM

Wat are u gonna do with those Plexiglas aka acrylic sheet?

ThomasLim 25-05-2015 11:25 PM

I am thinking of DIY the acrylic board into a plant holder to be put at the back of the pond, so that I can put in more plants. Any idea beside Pandan, what other type of plants can be submerged direct in water to grow? Any help on this?

The water looks clear now 😊

Ben 26-05-2015 04:46 AM

money plants? fast growing and abundant. faster growing plants absorb nitrates faster too.

kepala sakit 26-05-2015 05:02 AM


Originally Posted by ThomasLim (Post 9860563)
I am thinking of DIY the acrylic board into a plant holder to be put at the back of the pond, so that I can put in more plants. Any idea beside Pandan, what other type of plants can be submerged direct in water to grow? Any help on this?

The water looks clear now 😊

To work on acrylic DIY tools may not be ideal, joints are either ss screwed or chloroform (control item) sawing speed need to regulate with Hi tensile tip saw blade (new).
Aquaponics, u'll be spoil for choices, but @ this stage will need plenty of mod. go google to conceptualize idea.

Ozone 27-05-2015 01:04 AM

TS, are those round balls on your window side Solar LED lights? If they are, when they light up at night, the light will attract insects and that probaly explains why your are has been jumpy at night...

A rigid netting is advisable cos if any fishes where to jump right into one of the opening in the net, they will not get stuck and caught hanging in mid air...

Last but not least, it is a very impressive fgt pond!!

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