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^GeNoME^ 11-07-2015 02:30 PM

y r u so fixated on the high nitrate? I am skeptical on using of marine pure as u will need a anaerobic environment to break down nitrate..

trying growing other kinds of plants. Kangkong is good. u should try that.

ThomasLim 11-07-2015 06:53 PM

Bro Gowling, going into the pond and change the medias at night is no joke leh 😆 later if I slip, hit and concussion, and if drown... then will become a big sad joke... Lol... Btw, would like to know if you have put air bubbles at the chamber where your MP is? I will try to remove all my air bubbles and see if it works better...

Bro Mathew, thks for the advise. One day dont feed my fish, i already very uncomfortable, very worry... If one week feed one time, i think I will go crazy... Lol. I will try alternate day feeding and see how it goes...

Bro EamesAro, thks for the info. Now i know why my nitrate is always high... Thumb up for you...

Bro GeNoMe, is too late, i got myself the MP 😅 I am very enthusiastic to try it out. I just hope when I do the nitrate test in 2 or 3 months time, at least dont give me that super red colour 😁 I bo bian la, whatever method that might help, just try lo. Will try to update on this experiment 😊

The required MPs for one of my chamber is ready to go. Tomorrow will be a tiring day for me. Doing it with my wife at home 😆 I just told her I have a very serious problem with my pond that I need to solve it asap, else all the fishes will get sick and up lorry sooner or later... If that happens, I need to start buying new fishes again 😁 with that... I bought the MP. I am just lucky that she didnt ask me how much do they cost 😅 cheers!

gereld_hor 11-07-2015 07:43 PM

Actually is nitrates is ur issue, some quick solutions will be to have frequent water change, diy a denitrator (I tink there was a post on how to diy), else since ur pond is outdoor, do a 24/7 dripping

^GeNoME^ 11-07-2015 11:58 PM

I would measure the ammonia and nitrite during these period as u juz removed a good part of ur filtration. U placing them at which part of filtration? I would imagine at a region of slowest flow rate. I think if u surround r new medias with old medias, it will speed up maturation and decrease flow rate through the medias creating anaerobic region.

Actually nitrate is harmless.. Not sure if spending so much resources is worth it or not.

ThomasLim 12-07-2015 10:38 PM

Bro Gereld, thanks for the suggestions in removing the nitrate. If this MP dont work, I will consider 24/7 dripping. Wonder if this direct dripping from water tap? Of course, I still hope this MP will work for my pond.

Bro GeNoMe, all the while I thought nitrate is less toxic compared to Ammonia and Nitrite? I didn't know it is harmless. As what bro EamesAro web info stated, even though we wc frequently, more and more nitrate will still build up after a period of time. If this nitrate exceeds certain level, it might harm the fish. This is why wc is important to prevent the nitrate to shoot too high... Am I right?

Anyway I had removed the air bubbles in the middle chambers, leaving only the first and last chambers with air bubbles... Lets see how it goes.

Today is a tiring day. Starting from 8am and only end the cleaning at around 4pm 😓 here are some pic of the water after water changed and 3hours after wc.... Hopefully tomorrow morning the water will be crystal clear 😊

I had done a 70% wc this time. I will see how this will impact in the nitrate reading tomorrow.

Just after wc, the water looks extremely dirty.

3hours after wc. Water starts to clear up.

Water still not as clear

^GeNoME^ 12-07-2015 11:14 PM

I don't think there was any conclusive result on nitrate toxicity. Furthermore if your fish are used to that level, I believe they might have adapted to it physiologically. I certainly will err on the side if all fish are alright. Anyway I have been thru ur shoes and have used 2x aquamedia denitrator with deep sand bed filters with plently of plants and did not once noted a significant drop in nitrate and my fish were all fine.

Anyway just in 2 cents. Nice setup! For ur cover, I will make a wooden framed with fine fishing nets if u have resource for that. Or manually wove fishing line around the frame.

^GeNoME^ 12-07-2015 11:17 PM

BTW I onced asked some NUS prof for their recommended plant for hydroponic and they said Kang Kong is the best.. U shld really try it out

ThomasLim 13-07-2015 08:39 PM

Thks bro... Using the fine net is a no no to me... I lost a few aro because the previous net is a bit too fine... I learnt my lesson. Current netting so far so good. Now I dont need to wake up in the morning and rush out to check if there is any aro being stucked or broke through the net... Never use fine net😊

I am planning to DIY a short border wall using the acrylic. But I am not rushing to start this as I want to build a shelter at my patio first. URA already approved and now going for BCA approval and then SCDF...😊 hopefully all these could be done within this year. Cheers!

81civic 13-07-2015 08:49 PM

V nice bro......

ThomasLim 14-07-2015 04:46 PM

Thks bro 81civic... Feel free to just walk over my place 😊

As expected, the nitrate reading still show red even though 70% wc was done. A good thing is the red is not as red as previous and all other parameters are good😊

The water looks clear now after a day.

I will check the nitrate level in 1 to 2 weeks time. Cheers!

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