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D24 29-09-2014 03:25 PM

Auction: OTF Pure Black Diamond (pair)
Hi guys

We look forward to your support and participation, but before you start bidding, please read the Auction Procedures & Bidding Guidelines below.

1. By participating in the Bid, it is deemed that you have read and fully understood the following Auction Guidelines & Bidding Procedures.

2. Every bid should be accompanied with a valid contact number, and must be posted in the Events Forum Bidding Thread. Private messaging, emails, sms and other forms of private communication will not be entertained and/or recognized. This is to ensure fairness and transparency.

3. The collection date/place will be pre-determined and cannot be changed. If this arrangement is not acceptable, please do not bid.

4. The highest bidder will be the successful buyer. Please remember to provide a valid contact number.

5. The transaction will be in Singapore Dollars - cash only.

6. Once a bid has been placed, withdrawal is not allowed and excuses will be not entertained.

7. The bidder is responsible to check the results of the bid.

All bids are to be posted on this thread only. Any unrelated post will be deleted.

A separate thread is open for enquiries and/or clarifications:

The details are:

Farm : OTF Aquarium Farm
Breed : Freshwater Stingray
Description : Pure Black Diamond
Size : About 15 to 18cm
Diet : Fish Meat & MP

Starting Bid : $6500.00
Minimum Bid Increment : S$50.00
Bid End Date/Time : 3 Oct 2014 (Friday), 2359 Hr AF Time

Collection Date/Time : Within one week after the result, contact farm for appointment.

Collection Place : OTF Aquarium Farm

YouTube Video
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YouTube Video
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Happy bidding

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