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millenium 09-02-2019 02:13 PM


Originally Posted by loveikan (Post 10021038)
The Pwee always jump ship whenever the election fever came on.
He was a former PAp fella, mainly at tge grassroot level till he cannot tahan.
Either he is so damned good because his skill is badky needed or he just want to follow the favorite at that time.

Thought he does gave some good feedback.
Btw is he a scholar?

I just read his wiki page. Yes, scholar, high flyer, ex pap youth wing chairman, his chinese name means moon light.

loveikan 09-02-2019 02:44 PM

Thanks bro for the info

Nice chinese name.

millenium 09-02-2019 03:56 PM


Originally Posted by loveikan (Post 10021063)
Thanks bro for the info

Nice chinese name.

He seems too inactive for his extensive ex-background with the ruling party.

jwhtan 09-02-2019 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by stargazer (Post 10021059)
It will take many more lost elections before Opposition parties disband and unite only under 1 banner, 1 single opposition party. So many parties dilute votes. 同床异梦,一盘散沙。

Unite ? LoL .....

these people are in Opposition because they freaking hell oppose everything
Goh Meng Seng one good example
in any party he went, he oppose that party,
then resign, join another party, then repeat

loveikan 09-02-2019 08:15 PM

That Goh is a perpetual hopper. A turn off whenever and wherever he appears. Whichever party that he landed on board is suscidal, can say sayonara to their election bid.

This is what i see in Pwee as well though sometimes he does delivers his points during a campaign. I am not sure whether it is about loyalty issue but i just do not have much confident in him.

millenium 10-02-2019 04:09 AM

I am sure there are lots of moles.

globalcookie 11-02-2019 11:02 PM

Impression of this Benjamin is like... sail with the tide type of politician. No good impression of such politicians.

At least (my impression of)Kenneth Jeyaratham, tho living in his dad's shadow or who isnt exacty having the real heart for the people, he sticks to his gun.

therat 19-02-2019 07:10 PM

Pwee join SDP

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globalcookie 11-04-2019 10:09 PM

SINGAPORE: Former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock on Thursday (Apr 11)*unveiled the logo of the Progress Singapore Party.

In a Facebook post, Dr Tan, the party's founder, announced that the symbol had been formally approved.

"Our Party symbol is in the form of a palm tree signifying growth, purpose, strength and life," said Dr Tan.

The five fronds of the tree represents the five ideals the Progress Singapore Party subscribes to:*Democracy, Equality, Justice, Peace and Progress, as well as Singapore's multi-racial society consisting of the four racial groups and new citizens.

The tree trunk is in the shape of a person, which represents the party's belief that people are its core interest and source of strength.*The party colours are red, which it says symbolises life, passion, energy and strength, and white, which stands for*purity, integrity and goodness.

"The Progress Singapore Party looks forward to serving the people of Singapore and will work hard to fulfil the ideals to which we subscribe," said Dr Tan.

Refer to CNA for the symbol.

loveikan 12-09-2019 11:13 AM

PSP TALKS #1: “Poverty in Singapore and Policy Gaps in our Social Safety Nets”

Last night PSP held our very first “PSP TALKS”. This is the first of our speaker series of talks and forums to engage on issues that matter to Singaporeans.

In this talk, PSP joined the important national conversation on social inequality and poverty.

I am most grateful to Yeoh Lam Keong, the former GIC Chief Economist, for being our inaugural speaker on the problem of poverty in Singapore. He spoke clearly and urgently, helping us to understand the depth of the problem - that many citizens do not even have enough to meet their basic needs. Singaporeans are deeply concerned about this and that night Lam Keong outlined the nature and scope of the problem, it’s causes and certain urgent policy solutions that need to be taken.

The talk was live streamed online and you can watch it here (I apologize for the audio quality of the livestream. We are working on it. It will help to use headphones to listen to the talk):

While many schemes have been introduced to help the poor, I agree with Lam Keong that there is urgent need to do more.

The response to the talk was most encouraging and PSP will continue to engage on important issues by holding these talks and forums.

My thanks also to Khush Chopra, who moderated the event.

We hope that these series of talks will help rally and inspire Singaporeans to join us in charting this crucial journey of Singapore’s future direction for a better Singapore for all Singaporean’s.

For Country, For People.

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