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ThomasLim 21-05-2016 04:15 PM


Originally Posted by spidy (Post 9951485)
Hi TL,

I am interested to understand your design on the backwash portion. I am building a 2m x 1.5m x 1m (deep) cement pond. Because of the space constrain my bio filter will be along the 1.5m side

Fukai told me the bio filter system they built got backwash so no need to empty the chamber to clean. Every time just use the back wash to flush out the waste.

So how does this backwash thing works ? My previous multi chamber filter always has to remove brush, Jap mat etc to clean. Very tedious.

Thanks in advance.

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Bro Spidy, you already got yourself the builder? Fukai? I did not have luck with Fukai as I had sent enquiries to them a few times for my pond during then, but just didnt get a response. So I am not sure how is their price. Nevertheless is good to know that you are building a pond. Good luck! :)

For the backwash, sad to say during one of the maintenance, I accidentally toppled my air pump into the dry chamber (where all my 3 backwash valves are located) and it broke and damaged all my backwash vales. In the end, I have to seal up all my 3 backwash pipings.

To me, I seldom use these backwash (when they are still not damaged :( )as it is basically just a piping connected to each chamber and once you open the individual valve, the water from that chamber flows out to the drainage. For me, when I do maintenance, I will remove items from each chamber to clean, put them back after cleaning. Backwash can remove the deposited dirt in the chamber but not the dirt on the sponge, media, brushes, etc... Manually removing these items to wash is still a must for me (but I am lazy so probably once every 9months or a year) :D

Is good to have the backwash. However if you think all the cleaning can be omitted by simply using backwash, I will hesitate to agree on.

By the way, is your pond underground or same as mine, above the ground? If is underground, I do not know how is the backwash to drain the water off.

Just something for you to take note, when I water change, my chambers' water decrease together as the pond water decreases. I have no valves between the chambers and pond. So when I have a 50% WC, some of my media, sponge, rocks, etc in the chambers will be above the water. I do not like this to happen as it kills the Bb of those exposed. If I were to build a new pond, I will want to install valves to turn off the pump outlets and water inlets to the chambers when doing WC. With that, you can isolate the chambers' water with the pond water. Moreover when you are cleaning the chambers, the dirty chamber water will not flow out to the pond too... I hope this helps.

Feel free to whatsapp me if you need any advise (within my limited knowledge). I prefer to whatsapp as I can easily send pics or video when need... I think you can find my phone somewhere in the posts. PM me if u cant find it. Cheers!

spidy 22-05-2016 03:52 AM

Went to Fukai showroom to
water feature and later that day Robin of Fukai and his team went onsite to do a site survey. They will be getting back to me on the quote next week.

As mention in my other post, my attempt to use external canister filter was not successful as the company (WaterConsultant) that brings in Ultima charges very high on the set up.

My pond will be in the ground, they will need to dig a drain pipe to the main drain but the gradient has to be measured to see whether it is possible else a pump will be needed for the backwash.

I was also quote an undergravel filter system by PhytowaterArts. They also claim they have a backwash system to flush the waste and it is maintenance free as there is nothing to wash. However, almost every online forum speaks against such an "outdated" system because there is no way to clean out the choked gravel over time. So I am very hesitant to proceed with them.

I am thinking putting air-stone in all chamber so during backwash I can on the air pump to agitate the chamber to shake up the waste and then flush the chamber out. In this way most if not all the "shit" caught in the brush and J-mat will be cleared. As for the bio media, I will be using oyster shell for buffering and MarinePure-media for bacteria cultivating.

Is this a feasible design ?

DragonFireSG 22-05-2016 12:02 PM

What happened to the plan to buy off Ebay? I am sure Fukai can help you plumb the unit. It is practically a DIY installation. Pump goes to Ultima. Ultima goes to pond. Backwash pipe goes to waste.

DragonFireSG 22-05-2016 12:16 PM

To add: Air agitation works only for plastic media. The holes are not too small and the media is robust. It will not work for brushes or filter mats. Been there tried that with my old brushes and mats pond.

I still think Ultrasieve III/MIDI -> Pump -> Waterco MC16 -> Bakki/Zakki shower is the best solution for a modern pond on a medium budget. Frequent (short - 5m or less) maintenance every few days, but practically guaranteed crystal clear water as the dirt and poop is given no chance to dissolve into the water.

The startup cost is relatively high, but you'll spend more time enjoying your fish and less time being a slave to the system.

spidy 23-05-2016 11:35 AM

What if I decide to build a system that can do either traditional multi-chamber or pressurised filter.

So I am thinking the following in the chamber design :
Width of chamber is 0.38m, Depth 1.08m
C1 - settlement (0.15m)
C2 - brush (0.24m ard 3 rows)
C3 - j-mat (0.3m)
C4 - Oyster shell + MarinePure (0.3m)
C5 - 2 x Tsurumi pump (0.3m)

How do I get Ultrasieve MIDI into SGP ? both ebay and Amazon not carrying it.
If I use the ultrasieve does it mean that I can skip C1 to C3 ?

So if I am changing the system to pressurised filter it will be :
Pre-filter (may be ultrasieve) -> pump -> Ultima or
C1 -> C2 -> C4 ->C5 (pump) -> Ultima

The cement tank design (aka all the internal piping) is not changed whichever systems I adopt.

I will however need to provision an additional drain outside the tank (for the Ultima drain pipe to discharge)

Any thought ? My dimension of the chamber feasible ?

DragonFireSG 23-05-2016 01:29 PM

No plans to continue with a shower for bio?


For the Ultrasieve, you will need to talk to a US or UK dealer to arrange for delivery. They will help you out. UK may be a better bet as it is NL made. They will also take off VAT (GST) for overseas sales.

DragonFireSG 23-05-2016 01:31 PM

You will still need a fines filter for absolutely crystal clear water with an ultrasieve as the sieve can filter only down to 300 microns (200 with an upgrade) Filter fleece in the top level of a shower should do well, or an MC16 vortex installed on the pump outlet.

The whole idea is to get rid of the super hard to maintain brushes and jmat.

spidy 23-05-2016 03:46 PM

The Zakki shower is too big to be incorporated into my waterfall. So I am just going to use the chamber for bacteria cultivation.

I just emailed absolute koi on the shipping cost of MIDI. Actually if I buy from US site I can use ezbuy or vpost to ship to SGP as well.

Won't be going for waterco as I feel sieve and ultima will be sufficient.
My tank is semi-indoor at my car porch fully sheltered and no trees or plant nearby.

I checked Aqua-Forte site, there is no mentioned of 200 micro upgrade for the MIDI. Any idea where can I buy the upgrade ?

ThomasLim 04-06-2016 11:27 PM

Bought this instead of the 'donuts'. Feel that this is less messy and seem better. Most importantly, cheaper and the fish still ok after using it...

Arosub 05-06-2016 01:07 PM

Thanks to Thomas generosity that I saw the pond. The whole setting with the turfed patio makes this corner a truly relaxing place for the owner and for the fishes, they are truly huge!

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