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Edwin1987 11-09-2017 05:14 PM

Wild betta collection
Update of my wild bettas, keeping some large and small mouthbrooders. And also some bubblenesters, different from the usual show bettas.
Betta Albimarginata
Betta Channoides

Edwin1987 11-09-2017 05:37 PM

-Smaragdina Copper!

longyi 11-09-2017 11:07 PM

Very nice wild betta collections. Thanks for sharing nice pics.

gilakupu 14-09-2017 11:35 PM

Nice collection:cool:

Edwin1987 18-09-2017 12:50 PM

One of my youngest pair of Macrostomas spawned again over the weekend, 2nd try.. hopefully he holds even though he still feeds while holding..

moscowblue 18-09-2017 10:48 PM

Very nice Macros:)

mictok 19-09-2017 03:45 PM

How young?

Edwin1987 22-09-2017 11:50 AM

About 1 year 3 months already, male swallowed today after 5 days though..

SantaMonicaHelp 12-10-2017 08:07 AM

Thanks for sharing those photos, Edwin. It's interesting to see bettas in their "wild" form. Pretty different from what I'm used to seeing.

Are these all literally wild caught, or were they born in captivity?


simpo 22-11-2017 08:41 PM

Nice fishes.

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