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Default AquaZonic Spectra Miracle LED

AquaZonic® Spectra Miracle LED
Realistic and exciting colours never thought possible!
Spectra Miracle LED provides immediate colour enhancement to your freshwater fish, such as Blood Parrots, Cichlids, Discus, Flower Horn, Goldfish, Guppies, Tetras, and many more...

  • Intense Vivid Colours. Brings out your fish’s natural colour in greater intensity and vividness
  • Miracle Spectrum. Unique technology that instantly enhances your fishes by giving a unique shine and colour depth on the scales, instead of a flat dull colour
  • Sunlit Effect. Simulates natural sunlight to create graceful surface ripples in your aquarium for a more natural look and feel
  • Full LEDs. Lower energy consumption, low heat emission and safer compared to standard fluorescents and metal halides

Colour Rendering Index

Instant Colour Enhancement

YouTube Video
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For more info, visit:

71 JALAN LEKAR S698950

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