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Originally Posted by vincent2982 View Post

My DC is not eating ur DC-G1. I starve them for 1 week. They just stare at the food sinkin. some will take a bite but spit
Hi Vincent, apologize for the delayed response as we were experiencing some technical issues earlier and were unable to access AFC forum.

With regards to your question, you may try the following methods for pellet conversion training for your discuses. Before the DS-G1 conversion/pellet training, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the Discus is in good health and without sickness.

Below is the conversion guide.

Day 1-3:
- Fast the Discus for 3 days.

Day 4-10:
- Feed DS-G1 Pellet.
- Feed 5-10 pellets per Discus each time.
- Remove uneaten pellets after 15 minutes.
- If unsuccessful, try again the next day until Day 10.

Day 11:
- Feed the Discus with 30% portion of their original feed.

Day 12:
- Feed the Discus with 60% portion of their original feed.

Day 13:
- Feed the Discus with 100% portion of their original feed. Go back to Day 01 and try again.

*Do note that the conversion difficulty increases as the Discus ages.
*Not all Discus can be converted, as some of them are picky eaters.

Should you have any inquiries, do feel free to message us. We will try our best to answer your queries.


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