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Originally Posted by peter porker
Sounds like your PH just crashed. Did you check your PH? If you do not have a test kit, then go to the minimart and buy Bicarbonate of Soda and dump in one teaspoon for every foot of tank.
bikarbonate of soda is baking powder rite? go and ask some frm my mum.

i oni feed my gf wif hikari wheat germ. and the tank chg water 50% every week and 100% every 2 week.using the normal over the head filter box

i oni discovered when i came back frm sch....sianz.................

if wanna sterilize the whole tank hav to use wad type of detergent?
i used to soak my tank equipment wif hot water.... dunnoe tat can kill the germs or not ler.....

the fish is not eating and it is floating.....haiz........SBD?
manage to get it swim normally, but kanna tis kinda stufz...
really sianz ar!
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