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Default [Discussion & Gallery] AFC AGM & AF Anniversary 2015

[AFC AGM & AF Anniversary 2015]
AF & AFC expresses its appreciation to its members, organizing committee & the following sponsors for making this event possible.

[Listing in Alphabetic Order]
AF Motorworkz - Car service Voucher for Up to 4L Fully Synthetic Engine Oil, Oil Filter, 33 Points Check X 4 vouchers
AF Motorworkz - One pair of Potamotrygon Itaituba P14 Galaxy.
DreamFish Inc. - MerLion Royal
Imperial Arowana Breeding Farm - Imperial Red Jumbo
Imperial Arowana Breeding Farm - Imperial Crossback Golden.
Marshy - 3 x Citizen Eco Drive Watch
Neo Kim Suey Aquarium - 1 x Eheim 2080 Canister Filter

Feel free to attach your photo shots & discussion in this thread.

[AFC & AF Cake]

[Bingo Prize Winners]

[Group Photo]

*All postings are personal representations with no association to AF's Management*

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Photography Gallery

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