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Originally Posted by Arcadia View Post
The Golden Crown lamp will give you the white light you are looking for.

The leads lengths from the control gear to the lampholder are 66 and 127 cms (which allows for the control gear to be at one end or the other of the aquarium. The mains leads from the socket to the control gear are either 1.5m or 8m depending on which model you buy.

Hope this helps

Hi Paul...

Could you attach the link regarding the golden crown lamp.

Thank you.

You mention the UV rays will disintergrate the plastic, if we are using 24/7 what the expected life span before the plastic start to crack?
Cause it very dangerous once water slip in, it would cause a electrical shock all of our fishing will go up heaven ya.
So we need to take note

If we hang outside the tank example the thickness of the glasses is 12mm , the effectiveness of the UV rays transmitted to the aro will be cut down by how much?
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