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Had about 9 cardinals in my 3ft planted previously. A few started dying about 3 years plus, the last one went up after 4 years plus. Similar timing with the 9 rummy noses in the same tank. Then now i convert to bp, gf, and plecs because oc commented that cardinal and rummy nose too small, cannot see from far.

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This is mycobacteria disease
The flesh turns off colour( this pale spot usually stays about same size & can be any part of the body ) & fish slowly wastes away/doesn't eat & finally dies very thin : like discus when they turn black
Common in many types of guppies & feeders too
Suggest quarantine & treat with antibiotics before mixing
My lot of Gan's cardinals don't seem to hv this disease
Bro does this bacteria stay in the tank even when all the infected dead fishes are removed?
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