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Originally Posted by bonjour2
agree , but u ask clean air mah, so ultimate air still clean wor, on condition u replace the filter regularly... but it all also boils down to the climate and surronding . some places like my old unit near Mt Sinai, atmosphere not very dusty, pump runs for almost 1 yr plus the filter still very clean ..

Air dryness i no comment..unless i got humidity meter to check.

yr 3rd comment even more cute, i don think anyone will know how to ans u, only the manufacturer knows, cos it is stated clearly on the cover; "there is high power voltage inside , do not take it down at random unless u r the repairing worker. " so perhaps u can consult Hailea and ask them this? or i can pass a spare to u to experiment plugging in the air flow reverse manner and see the outcome?
That is becos for the enaly the direction does not matter. The two opening just connects to the reaction chamber and it does not care about direction.

I'm just curious if there is an extra safety feature in this unit (to prevent water backflow) stated in the manual. Thats why the direction is important.

Anyway humidity in singapore definatly very high don't really need to measure.
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