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Let me try to answer inline to your questions:

Originally Posted by bonjour2
Ken , maybe you can explain some connections sequence for the reefers who bought the ozone generators as I realise that quite a no of reefers who bulk order are not familiar with hooking up the ozone in situations like;

1) If no sump tank, how to hook up?
Then hook it up directly to the air intake of the skimmer

2) If Skimmer is not ozone safe, where to discharge ozone to?
There are 2 solutions:
a) In the sump compartment where the skimmer is located
b) Don't use ozone

3) What is the proper connection , ie , where the tubes goes to where?
There are 2 possible sceanarios:
a) Connecting the ozonizer outlet with silicone air tube and air stone with the air stone in the same compartment as the skimmer.
b) Connect the outlet of ozonizer with the air inlet of the skimmer

The input to ozonizer is the output of the air pump but there are some ozonizers already has a built-in air pump.

4) What is the recommended settings for different tank size,
Every 10 mg of ozonizer treats 100 litres of saltwater and so a 50mg will treats a 500litres of saltwater

5) and the duration of ozone discharge if running w/o a ORP controller.
Having an ozone generator with ORP controller is like having a bomb on a timer waiting for it to goes off unless the max ozone output is near or equal to your tank capacity.

In my opinion, it is better to purchase a unit which can treats the max capacity of your tank rather than oversizing it which can cause an overdose of ozone or unless an ORP controller is in place.

If not, then at least an ORP meter or don't use ozone at all and use the UV Sterilizer instead

Will you be kind enough to provide the reefers out there with the a/m FAQs. ? Appreciated.
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