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Originally Posted by bonjour2
ah, ok , fyi, the manual did state must prevent water back flow into the unit, so there is no inline checkvalve. u have the manual alreadi?

Agree, humidity in spore is high.

imo , the in / out is a reassurance to the consumers how to plug the airline, trust me , some consumers have sleepless nights if no one can confirm their installation. But imo, u have a very interesting thought there,tis shows tat u r extraordinary... r u in engineering?
I don't have a unit of these hailea thats why I'm interested in knowing more. Maybe I will get one as a backup for my enaly.

My only concern is that it is lasting or not. It may take a few months before some rubber/plastic inside get eaten up by ozone. This is the feedback I get from some people about thoese cheap china made ozonizer. nim75sg you should let us know in a few months the progress of the unit.

I was contemplating on getting a sanders when the enaly bulk order came up. The reviews in RC (both long and short term usage) seems good and its appears to be fairly lasting.

BTW Does this unit comes with the hailea air pump?
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