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Agree with bro Apisto on larger rocks. Once your hairgrass grows out, your rocks will all disappear. Intake pipe should shift to the corner coz this position looks out of place. One question, bro. If you are using a CO2 diffuser, why do you use aeration? Aeration will most likely cause your injected CO2 to be dispersed into the air above the tank faster, resulting in wastage. I suggest placing your CO2 diffuser near your filter return outlet, for better dispersion of the CO2. If you want to maintain the airstone in the tank, it's fine, but switch it on at the end of your photo period or at night. With a sufficient volume of plants, you prob won't even need the airstone at night, since by the end of the photo period, your water should already be heavily enriched with enough oxygen to support both your flora and fauna through the night.
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