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Originally Posted by jenson View Post
I get what you mean bro, but I did noticed they will rest at the front half of the tank coz the flow is mainly at the second half of the tank away from the side you all see in the photo. Hopefully by reducing the flow rate would make them happier.

Currently before the next upgrade not possible to use airpump and air stone. Invested in hydra and running together with the bundled filter. Though the guy did told us to remove the built in filter on top of the tank since using hydra 20 now. But I just a bit KS and leave it there :-p

Will plan for the tank setup for the next upgrade.
Frankly, this tank is not suitable at all for GF and that filter takes up almost 1/4 of its space. Even lowering it will not help, but changing to a airstone will at least calm the water a little. I have a few new spare pump and lots of airstone. You can contact me at 86165526 to collect them.
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