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Originally Posted by globalcookie View Post
Don't forget her previous accusation of him wanting to set up an Dynasty (which she said quite awhile back yet nothing done to her... some significance to her words thus he dare not sue?).... all these amount to very very serious accusations.

Don't he come say she is of unsound mind. Roy Ngerng only accused him of 1 thing abt CPF funds and kena sued! Compare LWL and Roy Ngerng, who has a much much higher social standing with words that carries much more weight and impact? RN words has no weight yet he was sued and had to pay huge amount of damages (considering him earning average income).

Once again, if he doesn't sue, it proves her words to be true.
If LHL sues, LWL will need to be at the stand to defend her statement and a bloody huge "can of worms" would be unearthed!!!!
So.....we know why no legal actions taken so far!!!!!!
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