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overall I find it disturbing that PRIME MINISTER's GRC can have so much problem and it's all acceptable to Singaporeans and his GRC voters!

AHTC problem they drum up like kena some deadly virus. PM LHL's GRC got problem, like speck of dust. WHAT IS THIS???

Just a refresher
Apart from this AMK GRC TC receiving amber for not getting approval for waiver of quotation, there's that corruption scandal last year.

SINGAPORE - The general manager and secretary of Ang Mo Kio Town Council (AMKTC) has been removed from his duties and is under investigation by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

Mr Victor Wong, who works for CPG Facilities Management, the managing agent of the town council, was asked to go on leave by his company after the town council received a complaint about him in September, town council chairman Ang Hin Kee told The Straits Times on Thursday (Dec 29).

An acting general manager, Mr Lim Kian Chiong, has been appointed to replace him, according to a notice published last month in the Government Gazette.

Mr Lim is also an employee of CPG Facilities Management, contracted to manage the estate.
Is it a norm, that a staff of TC, is an employee of the contractor? Any conflict of interest? This one i not sure... but when they cry father cry mother abt FMSS and AHTC matter, I thought it's wrong.

But than again, when Brompton bicycle issue came up, it just got me wondering how many such kaki lang is going on?

Haiz.... maybe that's the right way of doing things


Singaporeans are forgetful... or they are plainly bias. PAP side simi also nothing wrong. Opposition side simi also wrong...

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