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Originally Posted by DragonFireSG View Post
The elevated area in the center is for mounting rotary drum filters that will separate particulates from the water down to 50 microns. Fully automatic backwash. This is not as fine as the sand filters used by pools, but will work on gravity alone. This means that there is no need for a huge horsepower high pressure pump which is a basic requirement for a sand filter.

As long as the machinery is working, this system is practically no maintenance. Still got to eyeball once every few weeks to check the mechanical parts of course.

Big upside is no brushes, no mats to clean (and no maintenance contract to pay). The drum filters are all user serviceable as long as you have spare parts on hand. Indirectly this contributes to a more stable pond environment as 50 micron particulates will not settle out and dirty a waterfall, or choke a shower filter.
Sounds perfect already! Cant wait to see your pond in action!
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