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Default Common short-forms and abbreviations

After the server crash, I am restarting a thread compiling the common short forms and abbreviations. This is is not extensive so if you have any additions (or corrections), do let me know.

Contributions will be duly noted.


BB: Beneficial Bacteria
LFS: Local Fish Shop


APP: Ah Pek Plant, aka, Elantine Triandra
ET: Echinodorus tenellus
HC "Cuba": Hemianthus callitrichoides ''Cuba''
HM: Hemianthus micranthemoides


KH: Carbonate Hardness
GH: General Hardness
KNO3: Potassium Nitrate
KH2PO4: Potassium di-hydrogen Phosphate
E.I.: Estimative Index by Tom Barr
N: Nitrogen
P: Phosphate
K: Potassium
Fe: Iron
B: Boron
Co: Cobalt
Cu: Copper
Mg: Magnesium
Mn: Manganese
Mo: Molybdenum
S: Sulphur
Zn: Zinc


BBA: Black Beard Algae
BGA: Blue Green Algae (cyano-bacteria)
GDA: Green Dust Algae
GSA: Green Spot Algae


FL: Flouroscent light
MH: Metal Halide
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