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Default Distributes Aquarium Products

Dear Hobbyist,

East Ocean Aquatic is an distributor and retailer of aquarium products. You can find our products are various LFS and our retail store.

Tel: 65-62759220
Fax: 65-62759221
Address: Blk 22 Havelock Rd #01-699 Singapore 160022
Opening hrs
Mon -Sat: 9am-8pm
Sun &P.H: 9am-5pm

Some of the brands we carry include,
ANS - Co2 accessories, filter medium, planted substrate
Illummax lighting - High light system for planted and reef , T5HO, MH, Led system
EIHO - Fish medication, Prazi Gold, Metro Cure, AquaBlue etc
Cade - Opti-white glass tank
Weipro - Mid price range of Pumps, UV, PH controller,
BOYU - Air pumps, filter, nano tanks, lamps.
DAZS - Innovative aquarium accessories
JEBAO - External filter, energy-saving garden pump, water pump
Marine Sources - Protein skimmer , filters
Sudo - Japanese aquarium products, accessories, bamboo shether
Aquarium System - Instant Ocean, Maxi-jet, New-jet pumps
Shiruba - Mini canister filter/ pre-filter
Jaqno - Pre-filter , External co2 diffuser
Tecshin - Pond Light, Mist maker, Led light for garden
JBL - Quality aquarium product from germany with fish feed, medication
ATA - Terrarium Tank
Hailea - Air pumps, water pumps, tanks, chillers

We welcome suggestions on how we can serve you better. Thank you for your time.

Best wishes,
Ryan Soh
Business development
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