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Originally Posted by Young Man View Post
easiest is either use C0 coral sand for white colour or cory sand for more brownish colour.
Originally Posted by Brichardi View Post
IMHO C0 coral sand would be ideal (though Amid may disagree on this ) as its fine enough for sandshifters even as well as clean look and good buffer. Also, can use that tray/s (OHF) supposingly use for coral chips to put bio-media instead.

Note: Diff sources has diff grades of C0...some would be finer than others...from my experiences of purchasing 20~30 packets of 10kg of C0 in the last 24 months.
thanks bros. ya, makes sense if the substrate can use to buffer - might as well use it. Bro Brichardi - will PM you on the recommendation to get the finest C0.

Originally Posted by ziw3i View Post
bro Brichardi also Jo's gang i think ....
his house tanga also a lot , maybe more now ?

btw if you want really fine sand, play sand is good (and cheap)
but it wont affect pH if you intend to use sand as a pH buffer
ya, i remember he gave u an angel pair.

Originally Posted by johannes View Post
Ray is one of the old birds in this Lake Tanganyikan cichlids hobby
He is in fact one of my Tanganyikan mentors, not mentioning others that are obvious, haha
hmm... ok, that makes him my grand-mentor. better pay my respects.
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