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Originally Posted by Brichardi View Post
Zonk bud....sorry but there is no way to tell how fine the C0 coral sand will be UNTIL you open up the bags. If lucky....will be dusty fine, else will just be fine...which imo is still fine enough for sandshifters though Amid bud will still disagree as he felt that they may still harm some sandshifters.

BTW I didn't gave bud Ziwei any pair of angel fishes. Just some small ones.

Also, Johannes is exaggerating about me being one of his mentor on tanganyikans la. We are simply hobbyists exchanging/sharing our knowledge on fishes, being fish lovers ourselves. However it's good to know that there are really other keen tanganyikan lovers like him, Tangs_rule, ECtan, Youngman, Wildbear, etc, etc, etc... that always would be most willing to help and share with hobbyists.

BTW Zonk or any house is always open to anyone that wants to see/talk fishes over a cup of hot coffee!
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