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Why dun we make whoever zaps the reps be known ?

The likelihood is that threads will be started targetting at individuals
Why u down my reps ?
Wat makes u think I'm not a true fishkeeper
and when there's no reply
Coward, Idiot, Imbecile, Hide behind computer etc

Basically this is also to allow the silent majority to hv a say w/o engaging in flames. And lest u guys be mistaken that I'm immune from this, no I'm not. I'm just as susceptible to being zap points w/o people giving me a reason. For those members I see them as credible, I'll ask them. For others, I dun even bother. That is because the system has been entrusted to them to make the individual choice of wat they want to do. In a thread, I can see some saying they dun care and dun participate and I go take a look at their records. Bingo, they hv a track record of zapping others too.

Basically every system has its merits and demerits, its the people using it tat determines how good the system is ... in a system, because of free will, some will follow the system and make the best of it, some will continually whine amidst suspicions of conspiracy and some will think of methods/ways to abuse it .. this is inevitable
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