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Before we implement, we ask ourselves ...

wat else can we do to improve the webby ? wat else can we do to cut out those frivolous threads or unconstructive posts ? will it be nothing ? cos wat we implement may not work ? and then we sit by and do nothing .. or we implement a system tat if properly used, can and will work ...

I'll like to achieve a forum where we can leave most things to the members, tat they can dictate how we progress, maybe like some say, this forum in not mature enough for this but Arofanatics is into its fifth year , when are they going to mature ?

In a very short summary, it is abt threads/postings/members tat are frivolous, the members hv the say to zap them. Or in others like those at the Resources/Articles Forums where members contribute, we add them. Basically, we pass the onus to members to encourage good contributions, discourage frivolous postings.

Please do not pm me why ur reps got zapped, cos I dunno. Its all individual opinions, much like I wun know why u add/zapped another person (including me) and please dun start threads to whine and spew negatives like cowards, idiots, imbeciles etc

Any questions on the system itself, not answered above, u can ask here. But, please dun tok cok here.

For those who are bothered by this system or simply do not wish to be part of it, switch ur board settings that is located at the bottom left hand corner of the main forum page, from Arofanatics (default) to vBulletin3 .. u still have a choice
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