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Default Another 8ft Tank Supplied

We would like to share another 8ft tank that constructed onsite due to no direct path of access.

Size of Tank
- 8ft (L) x 32in (W) x 36" H tank; glass: Asahi thickness 15mm

Following is the outlook

Scope included are
- Layout & design discussion with customer prior to construction
- Manufactured cabinet, sump tank, hood & related sub-assembly in local workshop
- Main tank construction on site (3 days)
- Commission of new tank with live stock transfer

Items included in the opackage are
- EOS Main tank 8 ft x 32in x 36" H with Asahi glass thickness 15mm (with full glass in glass & Euro bracing)
- Sump tank (with drip plate, drip cover & holding tray)
- piping (AW std with union joints)
- cabinet with side boxup(with Chengnai wood support including 10 vertical beams)
- Top Hood
- metalic black laminate finishing
- glass cover
- oyama background
- 2 no eheim pumps
- 1 no. no wave maker
- 1 no. 6ft T 5 lighting
- 1 no 3ft TS (inside of cabinet)
- 6 no. LED lighting (supplied bu customer)
- 1 no PH meter
- 3 set 4 ways power supply
- water proof carpentry work on inner cabinet
- full media (baterial house, ceramic glass ring, Jap Matt etc)
- 15 bags of 5kgea Terra-nature pearl sand
- water fill up and conditioning
- 10 no adult aro transfer into tank
- Auto water top up system
- Semi-auto water changing
- 4 bottles Biozym
- 1 month guarantee for all items & functionality of system
- 5 years warranty against leakage for all silicon joint for glass tank

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