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Originally Posted by terence28
Can u write one? I'm sure it'll sell!

Vol.2 will be "Tanning for Dummies!"
ur shifu and shi shu are the most eligible person to write one...

but I feel there is still a lack of knowledge and wide disbelief in certain systems and a vast gap between the various fish keepers

Why there must be a distinction to spilt the filtration methods to : Kois, Aros, Marine, Planted

once the logic behind the diff filtration methods are understood it is easier to use the tools to your own situation

In fact I had wanted to speak to u on this but its not appropriate at all to comment

use the right tools for the right job tats wat I would have to say...u had all the prior experience in Kois, these basics are very essential and it doesn't automatically downgrade u to "noobies" when u translate to Aro keeping
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