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Default Redsea Prizm Skimmer

I've been looking for a skimmer for my 2x1x1 tank. In the end, got for myself a redsea prizm deluxe skimmer yesterday, after much consideration. Due to space constraints and reading reviews on the internet, i decided that this skimmer would be a good choice for me.

I won't bore you with all the technical stuff, here's a link to the product itself.

The skimmer comes with a surface skimmer attachment(good for those who don't have a sump) and a filter media basket within the skimmer itself. There's also a bag of activated carbon that comes along with the package. Its good for chemical filtration but i feel that the small size of the basket doesn't make it so suitable for biological filtration unless the tank is very small.

The skimmer profile is very slim and compact. It is good when space is limited. Despite its small and compact size, its skimming capacity is enough for an aquarium up to 400litres. I've attached pics below for your viewing.

Setting up of the skimmer is quite straightforward affair with the instruction manual explaining the necessary steps in detail.

From what was mentioned, it could take 2days for the skimmer to break in. However, just leaving it to run for less than 24hrs, it is already starting to skim organics from the tank but would need more time to fully break in. I would try to get a pic of the skimmate at a later stage.

However, the skimmer produces quite a bit of noise(sounds like a mix of sound from air injection and the pump). This is not an issue for me as i put my tank in the living room. The noise is noticeable from quite a distance especially in a quiet environment. A problem i encountered while setting up is the introduction of micro bubbles to the tank. I left the valve fully open(according to the manual), which caused micro bubbles to enter the tank the moment air was drawn into the skimmer. I believe opening only half of the valve should reduce/prevent this problem. The micro bubble problem can be managed by slowly tuning the skimmer accordingly. Of course, besides all this, the product comes with a hefty price tag.

Notice the small and compact profile, it is hung along the length of a 2ft tank:

A look of it from the side, very slim:

Removable collection cup, already starting to foam:

Another view:
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