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Default Alto calvus yellow growing up

The week before last, i managed to catch my alto calvus spawning, saw the female in the shell fanning her tail. every 10 secs or so, the movement will get really vigorous, and the male would move over the entrance of the shell and release his milt i believe.

the thing was everytime the female fanned really fast, i saw eggs flying out of the shell. after the spawning took place, i took a siphon and siphon the gravel around the shell, and managed to get a couple of eggs.

By the next day more than half had died, and i was left with 9, but from day 1 to day 10, all 9 survived and turned into fully developed fry.

A rather unique characteristic of altos was on day 5, when i realised all the fry were upsidedown. they appeared to have some kind of adhesive 'thing' on their foreheads that kept them stuck to the ground and to on another. This was gone by day 8.

I kept the water in constant circulation with an air pump and air tubes which siphoned water from my OHF into the container.

Enjoy, hope the pics are clear enough.
_____DAY 1_________DAY 3__________DAY 5______DAY 8______DAY10

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