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Originally Posted by Nicklee View Post
Power lah Bro...

Top Monster Tank...
thanks, have added a big tigrinus since. really glad the tig and lince can get along this time

Originally Posted by maffia_2010 View Post
Wow bro, impressive. Bet ur bioload must be super high and you must be quite dedicated in your water changes
I only feed kunning and squid every 3 days. kunning really screws up the water. other days I feed pellets sparingly. 50% water change 2x a week

Originally Posted by Neutral View Post
Impressive Looks like you needs a even bigger tank.. Lolx
would love to have a bigger tank, but better don't push my luck with the wife

Originally Posted by Snake07 View Post
Very nice! My dream to have such comms......
just do it bro!

Originally Posted by harrysoo View Post
Very impressive and awesome comm.
thanks bro
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