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Originally Posted by seagul View Post
wow congrats!!! that is really great news.

im not sure with this species but typical mouthbrooders hold up to 2 weeks. Just keep a close watch on them these 2 weeks. My own personal experience is that if the fish is rather skittish and easily stresed, it is best not to attempt to catch them during holding period as they might swallow or spit the eggs. When its about 2weeks its safer to try and separate them, even if they spit, it will be fully formed fries.

do keep a close watch on them as males sometimes still will pester the females.
I'll prepare a holding tank just in case.

So far the holding females are doing great, no disturbance from the other fishes.

The other tank mates are 2 calvus , 2 ocellatus & 6 Cyprichromis
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