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Originally Posted by leviathius View Post
I bought additional 10kg momotaro bacteria house for the bakki shower part in the 1st compartment followed by full Mr Aqua, 2nd compartment is also full Mr Aqua, 3rd compartment is full Biohome red. Last compartment is just some coral chip, oyster shell my UVC and Eheim 1264.

The OR6500 broke down after 6 months and Coral life short circuit. Haha.

Wait I take picture.
isnt OR6500 well known to be super hardy even when used on salt water setup?! it's only abt 3-4yrs old according to my knowledge. haiz. sianz. and coral life is also supposed to be a better brand? hmmm.. how unfortunate.

anyway, u really invested a lot on ur filtration. haha.. thumbs up. though personally, i wont bear to use such costly biological filter media in a sump. generally, flowrate is too high, besides the point that it's difficult to achieve uniform water distribution among e media, and the environment is kind of bright too. i will still prefer to load up these good media in a canister to cater to the biological filtration.
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