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by Tank Junction - 77'' x 30'' x 30'' 12mm cab sump

Perimeter Bracing – Euro Bracing Top and Bottom

Overflow box - Triangular Right hand Side

Dow Corning silicon - Black

Oyama pasting - Black ( Back, Overflow) Light Blue (Base)


Cabinet Specs: 72" x 30" cabinet with kapor structure

Choice of wood for Cabinet- Kapor

Lamination - 3 way lamination (EWW 4822T and EWK 6833N by EDL)


Sump Tank Specs: 60" x 22" x 18/16" 10mm

Main Sump Tank- sloping and wet

Full siliconless piping


For more pictures of the various tanks we have manufactured for our satisfied customers, visit our website now!

For details on the specific parts of our tanks/cabinets/stands, kindly refer to the sticky thread on our forum page
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