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Originally Posted by leezhengxi View Post
same like shrimp but easier..
Actually, not as simple as many thought.
the perception of "keeping crayfish is simple" might be due to their low cost, "low demand" for filtration, dont die quickly.

when conditions for crayfish are below requirements, they dont drop dead immediately (like shrimps or other small fishes). they dont exhibit external symptoms (eg, swelling, sunken stomach, fin rot, etc) like the bigger fishes.
when conditions are not optimum, they become less active, eat less and stop molting. many keepers didnt notice this and thought their crayfish are "just shy". in actual fact, the crayfish is wasting itself away.

to keep crayfish that are vibrant in colors, actively hunting for food, molting regularly and breeding is not as simple as many imagine.

to worsen the problem, not much reliable resources for crayfish keeping is available online. there are only faint clues around, eg, they need calcium,iodine and minerals...

breeders in thailand are breeding many different species and also different color strains of the common ones. but still, reliable information for good crayfish keeping is mysterious.

But, overall, I still think it is a fun hobby. If you're thinking its just a giant prawn in a pail of water, it is not. If you're an aquarium hobbyist with some experience and looking for new pets to try, I'll encourage you to take up the challenge.
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