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Something I would like to add:

Personal Experiences: I have kept the Green Texas (it's a misleading name) twice - earlier in June and now - and I find that this is a perfect beginner's cichlid. They are not fussy about food, not fussy about pH (nevertheless, ammonia and nitrite levels must still be kept in check), outgoing and easy to breed. In June I bought six 2" Carpinte from C328 and put them in my 2ft (60x30x45) tank. Within 3 weeks, a pair had formed. They spawned the following week. Sadly I sold the pair and all their fry to bro may find it silly but I bought ten more 1.5" carpinte a few days ago just to breed them again! Breeding cichlids is a fascinating experience. The amount of parental care is amazing. If you don't believe me, buy a group of juvenile cichlids and find out for yourself!

NOTE: The common name of this species is a misnomer. Herichthys carpinte does not occur naturally in Texas.
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