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Default ANS Micron Filter Sock 200um - For crystal clear water

Dear Hobbyist,

We are proud to introduce ANS latest mechanical filtration media - Micron Filter Sock 200um

Micron filter sock (200um) trap excess food, detritus, organic waste, dust and particulates. By removing these matter from the water, it will reduce the amount of organic matter that produces ammonia,nitrite, phosphate and other undesirable compound.

Micron filter sock use will lower organic levels and create CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER!

We recommend Micron filter sock to be removed and washed for every 3days to remove trap waste. (Yes, it is washable!)

Available in 2 size
S: 4"x8"
L: 6"x14"
A simple and effective method to remove waste regularly

East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre
Blk 22 Havelock Road #01-699
Tel: 62759220
Be a fan at our facebook page for latest news!

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