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Default Beginner's Reference - New Tank Syndrome

For someone new to fishkeeping, or wish to learn more how to set up an aquarium safely, here is a reference guide on the Nitrogen Cycle which is very comprehensive.

For a tank to be fully cycled with ammonia and nitrite totally absent from the tank (zero), it would take 40 days.
After 30 days, nitrite will be falling, hence one month to one and half month is the normal time for a complete tank cycling.

The tank cycling time can be reduced by the mixing of old filter material in the new filter. The addition of beneficial bacteria can also help speed up the cycling process.

Nevertheless, when starting a new tank, it is advisable to monitor ammonia, nitrite and ph very closely and ensure that your fishes are not exposed to toxic levels of ammonia and/or nitrite.

Do pose any questions if you are in doubt or need clarification on any of the points.

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