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Exclamation Please read before participating in threads regarding politics and religion

Politics and religion are sensitive topics, and should be treated differently from other casual chat topics. They should be handled with respect.

We do not intend to ban topics like politics and religion, we only need to manage them.

Therefore please exercise emotional discipline when participating in these threads (also refer to The Regulatory Framework #F2 and #F3).

Kindly refrain from making comments of a personal nature toward any fellow member or towards personalities outside the forum like, "eat waste rice", "paper army talk", "3 leg up the ladder", "PLP", "LPPL", "you are deluded", "you are stupid", "they are monkeys", "they are useless", etc.

Keep the discussion in English for ease of monitoring.

It IS NOT about writing in perfect Queen’s English.

It is about entering our comments in a sound and reasonable manner. It is about our attitudes.

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