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Default did something stupid, shrimps dying [PESTICIDE FROM NEW PLANT]

Really a bad day, in the middle of my exams, as I have finished one of my "hell" module, decided to go LFS relax buy some stuff before continue studying

bought some plants, introduced into the tank, go to the washroom and come back, my shrimps like very excited swimming around, especially the shrimplets, so many of them which i usually dont see as they r hiding..

then I realised the are swimming weirdly, more like twitching and then motionless and let the current carry them.. and I realised disaster!!! snail poison??

did a 50% WC, they still twitching and dying one by one, really a very very heart breaking sight.. gotta wait till tomorrow to see the full damage my stupidity had caused me..

and to think its the middle of my exams.. i really feel vv distressed now.. my studying desk is directly next to my tank..

but well.. hope some bros will be able to benefit and learn from my painful mistake..
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