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Epsom Salt seems to do wonders for fish

Alfalfa: Constipation is the cause of most of floating problems. Dr. Matthews has found that adding Alfalfa to the fish?s diet stimulates the intestinal track reducing constipation. A good dose of Alfalfa has been added to Pro-Gold.

references -

Spirulina help reduce the problem of upside down floating caused by constipation.

also they say cod liver oil is a help
atm im still treating one of my fish for chronic SBD and and im trying codliver oil with spirulina pellets. in my case it has worked its wonders as none of my fish have SBd now

If worst comes to worst and it flips when u feed pellet food or blood worms switch to a vegetable and fruit diet
Peas, corn, mandrins, carrot even cooked potatoe
make sure they are all in bite size pieces before throwing them into your tank
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