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Originally Posted by DragonFireSG View Post
Gar is a tough tough fish. Is it the only fish in the FGT? There is another suggestion, but I suggest you contact a fish vet, or at least experienced bros on monsterfishkeepers before trying.

Clove oil is a general fish anesthetic that can be used to immobilize large fish for movement or treatment. It has been used even for arapaima.

At low doses, the fish will become sluggish and compliant. Overdosed, the fish will be a goner. It is used to euthanize koi that are ill beyond treatment in my experience.

Ref thread:
Wow bro, really thks for the info... thats what I need have u ever used clove oil to immobilize your fish before? Any link of clove oil that u will recommend me to use? Afraid I might get one that is not suitable and caused the fish to die due to my negligence 😅
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