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I have moved my big snow gars which are roughly 4ft and some arapaimas before, they are tough fishes - i custom made a special net to get them out of the FGT and into the transport tub.

Basically i had gotten a 5ft fgt and stand-by on the lorry, in which i just scooped my gar out and walked over to the lorry.

My mistake was i should not have use a FGT or hard tub, as with the water moving around, the snout will keep hitting which cause them discomfort and will struggle which resulted in some scratches on the snout but honestly it's minor and healed very well.

If i were to do it again - i would recommend using a big and thick canvas, fill it up with water and release the gar in there, this will not be so harsh on the snout when the vehicle is in motion and it hits. Then again with their power and sharp teeth it is a risk.

Probably better to incur some injury from a hard tub than risk water leaking from the canvas.

U have my contact, if u need any help, let me know.
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